iTunes Store Login – Apple Store Login

iTunes Store Login is the first step in accessing the Store to get all your favorite music, videos, Movies, and Shows. It is a digital store for purchasing and download media like the ones mentioned above. In addition to media files, users can also download and install apps from the iTunes Store Login store. This app is available as a default on all the iOS devices and we’re going to teach you the Apple Store Login process.

The iTunes Store was launched in 2003 and has been the biggest music vendor in the world since 2008. It has a library of around 40 million songs, more than 65,000 movies, 25,000 Shows, and more than 2.2 million apps. It has around 575 million accounts as of 2013.

If you have an iOS device, then you must have an Apple Store Login account in order to enjoy the iTunes Store services. In the next section, we are going to discuss the iTunes Store login procedure so that you don’t have any problems accessing your account.

iTunes Store Login Account

iTunes Store is your one-stop solution for music, videos, Movies, Shows, and Apps. The Apple Store Login allows you to purchase and store your digital downloads. Users with iOS devices have an Apple ID which they create when they first start using an iPhone or an iPad. You will need that ID for the iTunes Store Login procedure.

iTunes Store Login

Before we start the process, there is something you need to know. There are various ways to access your iTunes Store account. You can log in to your iOS device, Mac, Windows, or even an Apple TV. Here are all the processes in brief.

  1. iOS Apple Store Login

    • To sign in on an iOS device such as iPhone or the iPad, open the App.
    • Scroll down inside the app and tap on Sign In.
    • Select Existing User ID and enter your current Apple ID and password.
    • Tap on Sign In and you will be logged into your account.
  2. Mac or Windows

    • The other method is to use a Mac or a Windows PC.
    • This method is really useful when you want to sync your library across various devices.
    • You will need the iTunes Store Login App in order to log in.
    • Get the latest version of the app from here.
    • Install the app on your PC and open it.
    • Now, click on Account from the top bar and select Sign In from the menu.
    • Enter your Apple ID and the password. Hit the Enter or the Return key to sign in.

These were the two most popular methods of Apple Store Login. You can use either one on the basis of availability of the device. You can sync the media library across all of your devices for a seamless experience of media playing.

Hence with this article on iTunes Store Login, we have explained the login procedures in detail. We are beyond any doubt that you have learned the login process perfectly by now. If you have any problems while logging in, you can contact us for assistance, at iTunesLogin.